A terminal friendly, afrontend-type backend programmer.

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Sun 07 April 2019 | tags: talk, conference, presentation, werkzeug, python, pallets, pocoo, public speaking, armin ronacher, München, Munich, Germany, -- (permalink)

München, München, hier komme ich!

Sun 07 April 2019 | tags: learning, reading, documentation, -- (permalink)

Make it a point of duty to peruse documentation.

Fri 08 April 2016 | tags: python, django, django-girls, lagos, python nigeria, mailing list, nigeria, workshop, planet, -- (permalink)

Post-workshop messsage to participants at a DjangoGirls workshop.

Tue 23 February 2016 | tags: meetup, python, python nigeria, mailing list, nigeria, pycon, meeting, slack, planet, -- (permalink)

Pythonistas in Nigeria came together to discuss the growth of the Python community in Nigeria.

Mon 01 February 2016 | tags: irc, ubuntu, africa, ubuntu africa, meeting, project, planet, -- (permalink)

Communities drive growth. Ubuntu Africa is for all Linux and Ubuntu users in Africa.

Sun 31 January 2016 | tags: stellar, altcoin, crytocurrency, open-source, project, planet, -- (permalink)

The Stellar project is huge and beginner-friendly. Here is me getting into open source in a big way.

Thu 28 January 2016 | tags: wget, httrack, download, offline, save, website, internet, planet, -- (permalink)

You can save the entire contents of a website or blog for offline referencing.

Mon 11 January 2016 | tags: learning, reading, ted, podcast, activity, movie, -- (permalink)

Life presents us with a lot of learning opportunities, but we are often blind to these.

Mon 11 January 2016 | tags: essay, paper, reading, dissertation, activity, -- (permalink)

One of my plans for 2016 is to expose myself to academic papers.

Fri 25 December 2015 | tags: slack, configuration, json, general, backup, communication, planet, -- (permalink)

Slack gives your team a platform for communication. Included in that package is near-full control over your data.

Tue 15 December 2015 | tags: irc, help, programming, beginner, pastebin, documentation, practice, dev, planet, -- (permalink)

If you are seeking programming help, then do your homework or your potential helpers might raise eyebrows.