A terminal friendly, afrontend-type backend programmer.

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I'm Tosin Animashaun, a Nigerian, and in here is where I document stuff as I go.

I currently contribute to the technical efforts at TechAdvance, a software development outfit out of Nigeria, that has got her feet in the payments and transportation spaces, as well as in the digitisation of government services.

Alongside a group of friends, I was previously involved with something of a quasi-entrepreneurship experience, where we ran a small a group called Krohx, but never really got any of our creations to the market. Sadly. Even though this group is now defunct, this was, for us, a great learning adventure.

I have also somewhat unofficially interned with NIIT, where, as ad-hoc instructor, I helped facilitate classroom sessions in Jave SE, Microsoft SQL Server, the .NET framework among other duties.

Outside my paid professional engagements, I spend some of my ever tight schedule helping out at the Python Users Nigeria Group, as the community continues in her drive to push the frontiers of digital development in Nigeria, being backed by the global Python community. I was her pioneer Secretary from 2016 through 2018. I have also assisted with the organising of every PyCon Nigeria event so far, often helping with media coordination.

A fond pastime of mine is listening to podcasts on subjects including the English language, technology and psychology. I also like to read well written content just as I occasionally try my hands at crafting good stuff myself.

In short, a lot of my non-work time is spent garnering more general knowledge, as I regard this as fueling for my autodidact persona.

I am not all bookie, as I love good music and art too!

Being an autodidact, I do not possess a college degree -- I do not completely believe in its sole efficacy -- as I have so far pulled out of two endeavours to obtain at least one.

Find me on IRC as acetakwas or email me at: acetakwas [at] gmail [dot] com.