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Project Ideas

I will keep this page updated with details of project ideas as they strike, and I do get quite a stream of them. Regardless of how irrational some of these ideas may seem, I'll have them here anyways. You might be able to run off with them and possibly make them better.

Where I find that I have the requisite bandwidth, and resolve to do so, I would go ahead to work on an idea.

  • Can we have a way to integrate IOT with existing cars? I reckon that, since we can't all afford to purchase Teslas and all the other modern brands of luxury cars, it would be nice to see some automobile IOT integrations in the form of plug and play addons to existing models. For context, an example is something that prevents my car door from opening when the side mirror or some other sensor detects and approaching vehicle or bike, which is sometimes a cause of fatal accidents.

  • A database of words to foster translation of text across languages. Essentially, I'd like the creation of tools that can aid in the preservation of of Nigerian languages and their features.

  • A wiki for the purpose of tracking developments over time on news items that require this.

  • A web-scraping based Python library that provides a public API that wraps Nigerian newspapers websites.

  • An online classroom (mostly text only) for programming classes, where facilitators can hold sessions with students who care to attend. All participants would be able to communicate via the same interface. Like , participants would be able to run live code from within their digital client (browsers, apps...). This is quite similar to what we have with DgpLUG summer training on the IRC platform.

  • A marketplace where merchants can own their own sub-domain (stores) as part of the general platform (Think of how you own your own custom Slack space and domain name). They'd be able to customize the look of their space, list their offerings, and more. Essentially, it would be a platform that mimics the real life scenario of a market. It would also lower the entry for digital commerce, by reducing the need for merchants to get fully bespoke digital market spaces.

  • Digital receipts. A way to store receipts digitally have them accessible anytime, from anywhere. With a reliable cloud storage, receipts can live longer, and can even be transferred from one person to another as the ownership of a commodity or service changes in some cases.